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A Typical Spanish Breakfast

September 9, 2012 - Life / Recipes

Spanish tapas are probably the best known, or most promoted,  part of Spanish cuisine. As a lover of Spanish tapas I can understand why and will one day share my favourite Spanish tapas recipes with you. However this post is to let you know about our favourite Spanish breakfast … pan con tomate y aceite.

Having grown up in northern England as a child, breakfasts were cereals, muesli, toast and jam and of course the good old English fry up. I would never have dreamt that, one day, one of my favourite breakfasts would be oil and tomatoes on toast!

In the Malaga province, pan con tomate y aceite can be ordered in any Spanish bar or cafe and is probably the most popular Spanish breakfast. Each establishment has it’s own way of presenting the dish but the result is “usually” always delicious.

Many kinds of Spanish bread are offered including:  pan de molde tostado (toasted sliced bread),pan de pueblo (rustic stlye bread ), mollete (soft round flat white bread roll, typical in Andalucia) , pitufo (small crusty bread roll), barra (spanish baguette)  …

Here is a very easy Spanish recipe for making your own pan con tomate y aceite:

In a blender, add: ripe and juicy tomaotes (the bigger and riper the better, with middle and seeds removed), a dribble of olive oil and a sprinke of salt and black pepper.

Blend until you have a relatively smooth consistency.

Pour the mixture into a pot and put in the fridge until chilled.

Serve on your preferred type of bread.

NOTE: Some recipes will tell you to remove the tomatoes skin but we like the texture when leaving the skin on  … and it is a lot quicker ;)

See, we told you it was a very easy Spanish recipe! As with most Spanish cuisine, the secret lies in the quality of the ingredients!  ¡Bon provecho!

Author: Lisa Sadleir

We love Family Life In Spain. Join us as we share experiences and essential updates, advice & assistance related to living in and moving to Spain. ¡ Olé !

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  1. I thought it was the same everywhere but when i went to Granada they brought it all ready made up….half the enjoyment lies is the ritual of doing it yourself I think. I like the mollete integral lightly toasted (too much toasting doesn’t allow the olive oil to soak in how I like it). Sometimes a rub of garlic prior to the oil. Its important to have top quality extra virgin and in actual fact the little pre-packs are usually remarkably good quality. The tomatoes with seeds are fine for me so at home a tin suffices ok but agree good ripe fresh toms are lovely. And freshly cracked salt and pepper gives it that edge…yummy! And olive oil, garlic, tomatoes are staple Mediteranian – these have natural sun protection qualities

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