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Print Off Your School Calendar Spain Now!

You can now use our printable school calendar Spain to plan any trips and holidays for the coming year. We will update and publish the new dates every year, as soon as they are confirmed. Make sure you bookmark this page for future reference.

As we have previously mentioned, every year it seems that the Spanish school holiday dates are published later. We are always eager to start planning all our holidays and visits to new places in Spain so this printable School Calendar Spain is an absolutely essential tool.

Please remember that most provinces may also have local holidays, such as Semana Blanca in Málaga. These dates are those, as published by the Junta de Andalucía, so make sure you check with your own school for any local holidays before making any travel plans.

(NOTE: Semana Blanca is usually the week that coincides with Día de Andalucía, February 28th).

School Calendar 2016 - 2017

Print off your School Holiday Calendar for the current academic year 2016 2017 for Andalucía



Print off your  School Holiday Calendar for the academic year 2013 2014: HERE

Last year, over 10,000 people visited our School Holiday Calendar Spain 2012/3, so this year we decided to make a printable version. What shall we add to it next year? We’d love your suggestions.

Print off your  School Holiday Calendar for the academic year 2012 2013: HERE

If you download the calendar and have it pinned up on a wall somewhere, take a picture, tell us which school you go to, in which part of Spain you live and we’ll make a post with all of your pictures.

¡Feliz Vacaciones!

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