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Welcome to our Family Life in Spain

We are a British family, living and loving life in the beautiful village of Mijas Pueblo, in Malaga, Andalucía in the South of Spain. We have travelled and lived in many places during our lives and have finally found our “home”.

We chose Mijas as our home as Andalucía has a special something that pulls you and doesn’t let you go. It has so much to offer to so many people. As the saying goes: “Andalucía … sólo hay una” (There is only one!).

Our website is jam packed full of information about moving to Spain, living in Spain and our family holidays.

Whether you are:

  • thinking about moving to Spain,
  • interested in what family life in Spain is really like,
  • wanting to know what people who live in Spain think about the country.
  • or simply thirsty to learn more about this great country

… we have a lot to share with you.

We love our Family Life in Spain and hope you enjoy reading what we share.

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