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Education in Spain,  is compulsory for children between the ages of six and sixteen. The good news is that state education in Spain, from nursery through to university, is free of charge* for both Spaniards and foreigners (*subject to certain requirements that we will discuss at a later date).

Education is considered extremely important in Spain and their respect and thirst for learning is evident in many ways. The Spanish people recognise the need for academic qualifications as an essential in today’s highly competitive labour market.

We often hear critics complaining that Spanish teaching methods are too traditional, unimaginative, with too much emphasis on learning by rote.  This may have been the case in past years, today however,  the Spanish state schools offer a varied and up to date method of teaching …

Probably, the first decision you have, regarding your child’s education, when moving to Spain is the choice to place them in a state run school or a private/International school.

This is a very personal decision that, as parents, only you can make. We will endeavour to provide you with many sources of useful information and give details of options available to you, and of course share our own personal experiences and those of others around us.

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