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“Children are made readers on the laps of their parents.”    – Emilie Buchwald

Anyone who has a little knowledge of the Spanish language will agree with me, I am sure, when I say that I think that teaching your child to read in Spanish is a lot easier than teaching them to read in English. In Spanish, unlike English, you generally pronounce the word as you read it.

To give you an example, let’s take the words “casa” and “house”:

The traditional Spanish method teaches the children to join letters to make syllables which then join together to make words. As my son would say, “c con a … ka” “ese con a … sa” … “ca ..sa” “casa”.  Now let’s try that with “house” shall we? (no chance!)

I am no expert in neither the English nor the Spanish language, but, I have previously taught both English to Spanish adults and children and Spanish to English adults, so can speak of and share my experiences.

However, I had no idea how to help my 5 year old son, who is 6 next month, learn to read in English. That was until I discovered a wonderful book on amazon.co.uk ,who, for those of you still in the dark, are now offering a free delivery to Spain for orders over £25.

The book is entitled “Reading Lesson: Teach Your Child to Read in 20 Easy Lessons” by Michael Levin and Charan Langton. It gives you an easy to follow recipe for teaching your child to read. The 444 page book contains twenty lessons. The lessons are easy to do both for parent and child. You will need to work with your child about 15 to 20 minutes a day. A typical lesson can be finished in approximately one to two weeks.

We have only just started the book but I wanted to pass this information on to as many parents as possible who may find themselves in a similar position to myself. It is never too soon to move forward with our childrens education.

Here is another parent’s comment about the book …

“I bought this book because my son was having difficulty reading words. He is 6 and has been in school for 2 years however reading involved sounding out individual letters. We have now completed 19 chapters and his reading has improved dramatically largely due to clustering sounds which one does automatically when you are reading but without help or any background in teaching it is difficult to do as a parent. I found this book very helpful and the instruction is very clear and easy to follow.”

So, if like me, your child is in Spanish state school and you feel that you wish to give them a helping hand with their English reading then consider giving this book a go.

Order your copy of this great book here:

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