Long term rentals in Spain are becoming an increasingly popular way to move here, without committing immediately to buying. Spain is a vast and varied country and even within established areas such as the Costa del Sol the variety of towns and villages is huge. In addition, there’s still uncertainty about the housing market, so many people are biding their time to see whether prices will drop any further before they buy.

Before moving to Spain, it makes sense to visit your chosen area and travel around as much as possible, getting a feel for the different areas and speaking to local residents about where they would suggest. Think carefully about your requirements in terms of amenities and then look where the nearest school is, how long it takes to get to key areas, how many shops and amenities there are and what the local doctor or hospital is like.

When you have got a good idea and a few preferred areas to start off your life in Spain, then speak to a long-term rental company to ask for a list of suitable properties which match your requirements. They could also suggest areas which you haven’t considered on the back of your requirements. A long-term rental will give you 6 months or more to try out the area and see how well it works for you and you could try a few areas in this way until you find the perfect place for you and your family.

If you would like  more information about where to rent, just contact us.



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