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Finally, it looks like we have a buyer for our house in France. They have paid the deposit, signed the pre sales contact (compromis de vente) and are measuring up for the work they plan to carry out. So, fingers crossed … it is looking good!  But please do not ask me how much money we have lost.

So, once again, we are in search of a new home.

Having considered the option of continuing with a long term rental , we have decided that we want to buy a house in Spain.  Despite the fact that there are very negative changes, for us, in the mortgage tax relief criteria “desgravacion fiscal vivienda” that will come into place in 2011 and our situation with Capital Gains Tax (plusvalia) to be paid if we do not reinvest in Spain before the end of the year, we are determined to do our research and not rush, nor be pushed, into anything that is not 100% what we want.

Having lived in the Mijas area for the past eighteen months and having spent a lot of time looking at all other areas along the Costa Del Sol, we have decided that this is where we want to be for now. I am not going to be unrealistic and say “forever” … I am a realist, after all!

We have carried out searches all over the internet, we check in all local publications, newspapers, free magazines, property brochures, in both Spanish and English and so have a pretty good idea of what we would like and how much we can “hope” to get it for.

As it is such a time consuming task, we have also enlisted the help of some local estate agents. This last decision however, is proving to be not so much of a time consuming, but time wasting measure … this comment is not directed at all estate agents, but  please can you tell me “how you expect to sell me a house when you do NOT listen to neither my requests nor past experiences?”

“Do you really think that telling me that “Entrerios”, which is an inland, relatively under developed rural area, approximately half an hour from the coast , is the new “Sotogrande”, which is a luxury harbor area, is really going to make me buy this house?” … Oh please!

To further rub salt into the wound, despite being told about our current situation, having made a big mistake buying a house in France, he kept telling us how he loved France and how much this area reminded him of France …  get me out of here!

Needless to say, our search continues, with other agents, and we have already found something rather exciting. We’ll keep you posted!

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Lisa Sadleir

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