Oh my goodness, I have just had one of those “I´m such a bad parent” moments. I cannot believe I did not read the instructions before getting the children so excited …

As a special Christmas treat this year, we bought the children Playmobil advent calendars. A bit extravagant I know but I am so careful with the pennies throughout the year, I like to spoil them a bit at Christmas. Having got them all over excited, eating every drop of food at lunchtime and behaving like little angels (well almost!), whilst we enjoyed an after lunch coffee, I then opened to the first box for my daughter to discover the fact that it was not pre assembled … aarghh!

(If you fancy a giggle … Have a read of the A Parents Night Before Christmas )

The outer box clearly displayed ,(more like hidden amongst all the other pics!), that assembly was required. So, I sneaked into the bedroom, leaving hubby to placate the children. I opened the box and nearly fell on the floor … did anyone else buy the butterfly princess calendar? It was full of bags and bags of little bits. You not only have to assemble the gifts that go in each box, you have to assemble the advent calendar box itself!
About 30 minutes later, hubby took Josh off to football and Francesca to the play park, leaving me to muddle through. Literally, as they walked out the door, I opened the dragon knights box only to discover it was already preassembled. Sticking the sides back together, I saw the words “New! Now with prefilled boxes ready to enjoy!”

A lesson to us all this Christmas, before revving up the children, let´s ensure we read all instructions and buy plenty of batteries.

I must finish by saying that the advent calendars are a huge hit. The children are almost mesmerized by them. They are also a very good way of encouraging good behavior … some may call that bribery but, in our house, it is seen as motivation.

Here´s to a great start to the 2010 festive season !

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