semana blanca

Once again it is holiday time in Andalucía, another holiday in Spain. The children have another week off school. “But we thought the next school holidays were at Easter” I hear you cry…

This may be the case in other provinces, but not in Andalucía. So what are we celebrating then? What memorable occasion? Who are we paying homage to?

The answer to these questions is: Nothing; None; Nobody.

Semana Blanca is basically an extra week of holidays enjoyed only in the Malaga province of Andalucía to compensate for the fact that their main feria month is August, which is a non academic month.

In other words, the region of Málaga does not want to be short changed with their holidays.

So for your diary dates in the future, just remember that Semana Blanca, the extra holiday in Spain, for those in the Malaga province, always coincides with the Dia de Andalucía which is 28th February.

Semana Blanca 2015 is the week commencing:  Monday February 23rd 

Ferias, festivos, carnivals and street parties … all the reasons why we love Family Life in Spain!

Don’t forget to download and print out your annual school holiday calendar from our page HERE. This is updated every year.



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