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Is it a crazy idea to set up a business in Spain?

Unemployment in Spain, as in many other countries, is currently at one of its highest ever levels. Finding work in Spain, especially if you do not speak Spanish, is a lot harder than back in the UK.

You are not entitled to unemployment benefit in Spain until you have been working, and most importantly, making social security contributions over a minimum period of 360 days within the last 6 years before you became unemployed. (To read more about “claiming unemployment benefit in Spain” click here).

A popular option for many expats in Spain, and maybe even for you, is to start your own business. What? How? Why? I hear you asking … but this idea may not be as crazy as it first appears.

Do you have an original concept? Have you noticed a gap in the market that could be filled by your concept? Do you have some basic funding to start up? If so, what have you got to lose? There is no time like the present.

It has been seen that many businesses that start up and survive when times are tough, go on to flourish and expand as the economic climate improves.

So now we have got you thinking about it, CLICK HERE TO have a look at the costs of setting up a business in Spain.



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