Selling your UK Plated Car in Spain

As we mentioned in our post, Spanish ITV (MOT) on UK Registered Vehicles , it is illegal to have your UK plated car in Spain for more than 180 days per year.

Once you have been in Spain for six months and intend to remain here, the law states that you are required to legally import your UK plated vehicle. This can be a costly process, however there are ways of reducing the import tax you are liable for. Contact us for more details on this.

Second hand cars in Spain tend to be more expensive than back in the UK, so many car dealers are interested in buying vehicles with UK plates.  Also, with many expats returning to the UK, a convenient option may be to sell your UK plated vehicle to a fellow expat.

Whoever you chose to sell your UK plated car to, for your own protection, ensure you follow these steps:

If you haven´t already notified the DVLA of the permanent export of your car, and you don’t have a registration certificate you’ll need to get a certificate of permanent export (V561).  Download the required form here and complete the V756 ‘Application for certificate or permanent export’ and send it to DVLA, Swansea, SA99 1AG.

Keep a copy of all documents, including the Private Sales Contract (Contrato de Compra Venta) as evidence of the sale of the vehicle.  It is also advisable to contact the DVLA, after a couple of weeks, to ensure that the vehicle is no longer in your name.

Remember, out of sight and out of mind, can cause you a lot of problems when relating to vehicles … just because you no longer have your vehicle does not mean you are no longer responsible for it. Do not play the Spanish Traffic Laws Lottery

By Lisa Sadleir

NOTE: The laws are constantly changing. Since this article was published, you now only have 30 days to import your car once you are a resident of Spain. If  in doubt, check for updates!

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