edirect mail in Spain

When might you need to redirect mail in Spain?

When you are renting in Spain, you often find yourself changing addresses a few times before you actually settle and decide to buy a property in Spain.

This can lead to all kinds of problems when trying to receive mail (if you are actually lucky enough to receive it in the first place that is!).

Redirecting  mail in Spain is actually a very easy process …

Go to your local post office (Oficina de Correos), you can use this link to find your nearest one http://www.correos.es/comun/oficinasbuzones/1030-inicial.asp and request a “Renvio Postal”.

You will need to provide details of your old and new addresses and also ID (passport and/or NIE) for anybody who may receive the mail in their name.

The costs for redirecting mail within Spain (correct as per 2011) are:

  • 1 month              €29,50
  • 2 months            €44,25
  • 6 months            €58,65


The costs to redirect mail from Spain to Europe (correct as per 2011) are:

  • 1 month              €44,50
  • 2 months            €67,00
  • 6 months            €88,50




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