In order to correctly import your UK registered vehicle to Spain you will require the following documents:

  • Original vehicle UK Logbook
  • Copy of the Passport of the owner
  • Copy of valid Residencia of the owner (if you do not have the green Residencia form with the correct current address, then a recent (ie less than 3 months old) Padron Certificate is required.

The cost of importing a vehicle is based on calculations and prices decided by the official authorities, including:

  • A registration tax (or certifícate of exemption) – Impuesto de matriculación.
  • A road/traffic tax (or certifícate of exemption) – impuesto de circulación del ayuntamiento.
  • V.A.T. (or certificate of exemption) – IVA.

The calculations are based on make, model, category and age of the vehicle, the weight of the vehicle and carbon emissions. Be careful of companies who give quotes without having seen your official vehicle documentation.

We strongly recommend you obtain two or three quotes before proceeding … you will be amazed by the differing prices companies in Spain charge!

You must also budget for the special ITV (Spanish MOT) which is currently €123 for cars and €127 for motorbikes. (Please check current prices with your local ITV centre).

Also, any alterations required to adhere to Spanish traffic laws (usually this entails changing headlights).

With the exception of commercial vehicles, most right hand drive vehicles can be easily imported into Spain without too many complications.

However, if you are planning to relocate to Spain, it is advisble to get a quote for importing your UK registered vehicle before you move over. In some instances, it may be cheaper to sell your Uk registerd car and buy a new one when you are in Spain.

For further information and a no obligation quote to import your UK registered vehicle to Spain please contact CCB Spain


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