Today is Monday 12th December, 2011. Can you believe that in 12 days it will be Christmas Eve?  … the official start of the Christmas Festivities. How many Christmas parties have you been to so far?

Last year, we visited family back in the UK and the children experienced the short lived excitement of snow … before the reality of how cold it is hit home!

This year we will be enjoying our very first Christmas in our new home in Spain and I admit it, I am going totally over the top … Taking into account the that fact that the festive season continues until 6th January in Spain and we have lots of parties planned, I do not consider it to be too over the top. Well, maybe a little bit.

The tree and decorations are up. We´ve even put up flashing lights in the playroom for the children. I have Christmas window stickers, much to hubby´s dismay … just wait until he finds out about the window paints I am going to give the children later this week! LOL

Carrier bags full of, (what I claim to be), bargain toys and goodies are hidden away in cupboards all around the house. The Amazon deliveries are a regular, weekly occurrence … I just wish their email marketing was not so clever! Although I must admit their prices and delivery service are the best!

Remember that there is still time to receive goods in Spain and if you make any orders via the link HERE, we will receive a small commission (thanks to those of you who have shown your appreciation of our website and done this already!).

I will not be surprised if I am finding bags of goodies into next year … needless to say it will be an adult style treasure hunt in our house on Christmas Eve … wrapping whatever gift we find : ) Subject to whether the hunt commences before or after the customary Christmas Eve anis is opened will decide the quality of the gift wrapping!

Despite having completely forgotten to buy Advent calendars this year, a quick trip to Toys R Us in Malaga, just a few days into December and the children now wake up excited, every morning, as they open the corresponding box add little bits to their Playmobil scene. (This year it is Dinosaurs & Ponies!)

The Christmas cake is baked, covered in marzipan and waiting to be iced. (Very easy recipe HERE ) We´ve made mountains of Christmas biscuits & cookies, peppermint creams and Jamie´s after 10 chocolates in a multitude of flavours … (tried and tested recipes to follow!).

Following my cookery trip to La Rosilla we have a 6kg jammon Serrano hanging in the garage, morcilla, salchichon, salami and three half cheeses form the wonderful Montes de Malaga.

I have ordered an organic turkey and whole duck form a lady who lives locally. I have no idea what size they will be as I am collecting them next weekend. Her latest comment was “they are the biggest birds we have ever bred this year” …

And if that wasn´t enough, I just couldn´t resist ordering a 3 kilo joint of ham to roast à la Jamie Oliver … thankfully his Christmas Magazine has plenty of Christmas leftover recipe ideas!

Luckily my brother and mum are joining us this Christmas so I am kind of using them as my excuse for going totally OTT … but hey, it is Christmas and it is a time to enjoy.

Only 12 day until Christmas … Have fun, Enjoy & Be Merry wherever you are!

PS. We haven´t started on filling the bar up yet … now what shall we buy this year? What are your “adopted” family Christmas traditions in Spain?



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