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“Lovely picture by CEIP Jardin Botanico, La Cala de Mijas”

The Day of Andalucía (Día de Andalucía),  marks the anniversary of a referendum held on February 28, 1980. A large majority of voters supported this referendum for Andalucía to become an autonomous community in Spain.

Despite calls to reduce the number of holidays in Spain   (read the article here) , not only is today a holiday across Andalucia, schools are closed for the entire week due to Semana Blanca (What is Semana Blanca?) .

Why not join in with the spirit of the day and prepare yourseles a typically simple but tasty breakfast : CLICK HERE to make Pan con aceite y tomate

A traditional Andaluz anthem for Dia de Andalucia …

La bandera blanca y verde  (“The Green and White Flag”) is the official anthem ofAndalusia, adopted under the first Andalusian Statute of Autonomy. The lyrics were written by Blas Infante. The music for the anthem of Andalusia was composed by the former director of the municipal band of Sevilla José del Castillo Díaz…

La bandera blanca y verde (Spanish)
La bandera blanca y verde
vuelve, tras siglos de guerra,
a decir paz y esperanza,
bajo el sol de nuestra tierra.
¡Andaluces, levantaos!
¡Pedid tierra y libertad!
¡Sea por Andalucía libre,
España y la Humanidad!
Los andaluces queremos
volver a ser lo que fuimos
hombres de luz, que a los hombres,
alma de hombres les dimos.
¡Andaluces, levantaos!
¡Pedid tierra y libertad!
¡Sea por Andalucía libre,
España y la Humanidad!
The White and Green Flag (English translation)
The Green and White Flag
returns after centuries of war
to tell of peace and hope
under our land’s sunshine.
Andalusians, stand up!
Demand land and freedom!
For a free Andalusia,
Spain and Mankind!
We, Andalusians, want
to become once again
people of light who to Mankind
gave a human soul.
Andalusians, stand up!
Demand land and freedom!
For a free Andalusia,
Spain and Mankind!


Listen to an Mp3 version here:  CLICK HERE


Wherever you are and whatever you are doing … have a great day!

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