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Yesterday, I took time out to visit Malaga capital with my good friend Lynsey from La Rosilla. All I can say is Wow! Why have I left it so long to rediscover this beautiful and special city?

Malaga has always held a special place in my memories. In the land before children, it is where myself and my now hubby (Ed), lived the stress free, fun loving life of two young and carefree travellers who upped sticks and then settled whenever the feeling took us.

I worked as an English teacher in an institute in the centre of Malaga and so was privileged to gain an early insight into the life of the real people of Malaga. Not only was I introduced to the language and culture, I also learnt firsthand of the many challenges faced by the youth of Spain in relation to employment laws and the employers´attitudes . It seems crazy it has taken until now for these totally unrealistic laws to come into the spotlight as one of the many undermining causes of Spain´s current economic situation …

Memories of late night parties, copas in the open air until the early hours … the bustling Malaga nightlife.

That, my friends, was My Malaga Past … now begins My Malaga Present. A Malaga that I am itching to rediscover with new, older and more inquisitive eyes. A Malaga I will rediscover through the eyes of my children. A Malaga that has so much to offer .

I have read many a travel writers criticism of Malaga, of its lack of character and non-existent culture … My response to that is: they obviously do not know the real Malaga.  If you don´t believe me, keep posted and I will show you.

You can see some of my snapshots of Malaga here.

Let this journey begin!

For an idea of what to see and do in Malaga Capital, read my “rant” here .

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