In our “Property” category, you can read about some of the difficulties we encountered whilst trying to find our new family home in our chosen area in Spain. In this article you can read about another interesting option when buying property in Spain …

John Wolfendale from Eco Vida International gives us some great tips and ideas how to make our homes more environmentally friendly and more economical to manage and  maintain.

His reply to the question “Are you Buying a home in Spain and Can’t Find What you Want?”,  is as follows:

 … “buy a home in the right place and convert it!”

“There is an abundance of  cheap property in Spain at the moment. And as someone said to me the other day there are plenty of people out there who want to take their money out of the bank and put it somewhere safe!

Spain is a beautiful country. In my opinion it has everything:  a sunny climate, beautiful beaches and mountains, great food, a fascinating history and culture, lovely friendly people with a great attitude towards family life and having fun.

There are also some beautiful country villas for sale with extraordinary views and cosy looking interiors.

The problem often is with the quality of build such as damp, thin walls with no sound or thermal insulation and so on. Or the problem could be with the layout. I’ve recently come across a swimming pool in the shade “because there was nowhere else to put it” and a multimillion pound villa without even a dining room.

However converting a property is easier than you think. You can take advantage of the low prices to be found, buy a property in your ideal location, and still have exactly what you want.

How to make it comfortable without burning money or fossil fuels

Many people thinking of buying in Spain don’t realize its cold in the winter especially inland. The worst cases are those country houses with cathedral like entrance hallways. And it’s easy to underestimate just how hot it can be in July August.

Converting you home into a comfortable energy efficient one could involve the following steps:

Insulate it: this can be exterior or interior depending on the budget and circumstances.

Make it airtight: change the windows and doors so they have a good seal and also improve insulation, aesthetics, and security at the same time.

Under floor heating and cooling: all the surfaces, the walls the floors and the furniture get to your desired temperature and give a radiant heat which is far more comfortable than simply heating the air. It’s like being warmed by the sun. You can pad about barefoot even in winter.

Mechanical Ventilation and Heat Exchanger: Extract dirty wet air from the kitchen and bathroom and exchange it with fresh filtered air from outside. In the winter the cold fresh air from outside exchanges heat with the dirty air you are expelling. It works to over 95% efficiency. It’s healthy too. In the summer it works the other way around keeping you cool.

Use a heat pump: Now you’ve reduced your energy requirement a heat pump can do the job keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer at a fraction of the cost and without burning fossil fuels.

Shading and terracing: We’re all in Spain to live the outside life. Terracing can combine with shading to keep the sun of the house for greater comfort and also to create areas for relaxing, cooking, eating, or playing.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could find one company that could take care of everything from design to implementation?”

For more information, contact John on +34 606380244  or  Use our Contact Form by Clicking Here!



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