What are the benefits of learning languages?

If you have been wondering whether it is really worth learning another language, this infographic may provide you with all the motivation you need.

Speaking another language can improve your chances of love, earn you more money, make travel more fun and make you cleverer and healthier … or so they say!


Kaplan International Colleges, a leading provider of English language courses, has created an engaging and educational infographic that explains the benefits of learning languages.

Scientific studies have proven that speaking more than one language has many benefits in terms of travel, love, intelligence and money. The infographic reflects these findings in a fun and interesting way.

4 of the many declared key benefits of learning languagesare:

  • Money … people who have more than one language earn more.
  • Love … bilingual people are more attractive.
  • Travel …is easier and more fun.
  • Intelligence … bilingual people are cleverer and healthier.
There are numerous interesting facts such as 270 British dating agencies have agreed that people who speak a foreign language are more attractive to the opposite sex and multilingual employees can expect a salary uplift of up to 20% in certain jobs.
What do you think? Do you agree with their findings? Let us know what you think …
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