Are you thinking of moving to Spain or are you already living in Spain? Would you like us to save you time, money and headaches by helping you with Spanish paperwork issues ?

How many times have you found yourselves going round in circles, pulling your hair out and wasting too much time reading about all the conflicting information on the world wide web? We have the solution for you.

Have you seen our informative website ?

Via CCB Spain, we keep you updated with changes in rules and regulations. You will avoid unnecessary fines and penalties that many people incur due to misinformation or ignorance.

We have just published our first guide to Spanish Paperwork: NIE & Residency in Spain


This Introduction to NIE & Residency in Spain is designed to:

  • answer the most frequently asked questions on this matter.
  • save you time and money!
  • inform you whether you should apply for NIE or Residency.
  • guide you through the NIE & Residency procedure.
  • provide links to download the official paperwork.
  • give step by step instructions to complete the application forms.
  • inform you about giving up Spanish residency.
  • it is 15 pages of information, enough to ensure you get it right first time!


IMPORTANT: These documents are pdf downloadable files that you can read online and you can print off the relevant pages. We will not be publishing printed booklets as the rules and regulations change on a regular basis. This way you can be confident that you are receiving the most accurate and up to date information from us.

This is the first of many documents we will be publishing about Spanish Paperwork and procedures.

Watch my Youtube video on this subject …

Please help us to help you : What other topics would you like us to cover?




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