Are you thinking about buying property in Spain?

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The British Embassy website offers information and advice to allow you to safely buy property in Spain. We recommend you take time to read through all the information provided on the website about buying property in Spain and then seek independent advice. The more research you carry out, the more likely you are to find an ideal property and enjoy your life in Spain.

The dedicated “buying property in Spain” pages cover topics such as :

  1. General advice
  2. Purchasers checklist
  3. Bank guarantees
  4. Coastal properties
  5. Timeshare property
  6. Mortgages
  7. Equity release schemes
  8. Taxes and other costs applicable to property purchases in Spain
  9. Additional costs
  10. Further information
  11. Letting a property in Spain

The Embassy’s sound advice is as follows…

“If you are considering buying a property in Spain you will need to bear in mind that the legal system and steps to follow are different from those you may have experienced in the UK. It is important to note that while many British nationals enjoy life in Spain, a large number who have bought properties in Spain over recent years now face serious problems with their homes. This guide is intended to help you obtain the information you need to make a full and considered decision about your property purchase in Spain.”

For more details, visit their website HERE .

Read our Buying Property in Spain page HERE.

Time spent on extra research must only be seen as an investment in your future happiness when buying property in Spain!

If you are considering moving to the Malaga / Costa del Sol area, do not hesitate to contact us for further assistance.  We look forward to helping you make the most of living in Spain!

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By Lisa Sadleir




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