And so the countdown to Christmas 2013 in Spain has begun…

christmas 2013 in spain

This time last year, I was definitely not in a festive mood and “Bah humbug!” was about as Christmas like as I felt.  That Barbie belén was seriously the nail in the coffin for my hope of feeling festive last year. (see last year’s post if you don’t know what I’m rambling on about)

However, this year I’m already starting to feel the festive spirit and am getting quite excited about our Christmas 2013 plans. I’m even breaking my 5 year old habit of using the same christmas cake recipe … I will still be using my good old Jamie Oliver Christmas magazines though!

We will be spending Christmas 2013 in Spain. At our home. We will not be having any family visiting, we will celebrate this year alone and with friends. The jamón and cava has been ordered. The house will be decorated.

Believe it or not I’ve even already managed to organise and order a photo calendar that I have tried to buy every year but never actually got round to it. Lucky really as  are no longer offering free delivery to Spain … boo!

#festivefeeling tweets

I am happy to say that I am not the only one already #feelingfestive : these are some of the tweets on twitter as I write this post…

Juicy Carrot @JCYCarrot
Looking forward to a few cheeky Mulled vinos 2nite with the team from @poseidonkite #BmthXMASmarket #festivefeeling #bmthsquare #networking

Laura Beck @LauraBeck123
Perfect evening in Battersea for the first mulled cider of the season #festivefeeling

Could IT be you? @coulditbu13
I guess this officially makes it Christmas Shopping time! #festivefeeling #couldITbu

Tory @bytoryjewellery
I’m #Christmas decorating @LornaRubys and it needs some serious padding. Baubles, lanterns, throws, you name it, I want it! #festivefeeling

Tomas Frodsham @TommyFroddy
Literally had Christmas songs on all day#FestiveFeeling

Abigail Stein @abbiestein

Why aren’t advent calendars 365 days….  Mini Chocolate Everyday! #festivefeeling

Holiday dates 2014

This year, school breaks up on Friday 20th December and returns on Tuesday 7th January. (2013 to 2014 school calendar here)  A few weeks to fill. Admittedly, not as many as the summer but with the weather not as reliable, it is always a good idea to look for alternative activities for the children.

Aha! Here it comes … I looked and I found! And, I’m very excited … possibly even more excited than the children. But that’s nothing new.

Introducing Planeta Explora …

This year our children will be attending one, or maybe two, day camps organised by Planeta Explora within their superb classrooms and laboratory in the grounds of Tivoli World in Benalmadena.

This Christmas they are offering the chance to learn about science and to explore, whilst having lots of fun. The activities are in both English and spanish and for only €20 per child for the two day course we think it is an absolute bargain!

The enthusiasm of Germán, the organiser of the events is contagious. His knowledge and passion for teaching children is commendable. I cannot wait to see them all at play and hear the stories and inventions the children come back with … I am just very glad that I am not tidying up all the mess the children are sure to make.

We are booked in for the camp on the 23rd and 24th of December. I decided it would be a great way to distract the children from their mounting excitement so close to the big day.

They are also offering other dates. We are considering booking in for the 2nd and 3rd of January too. Another filler before the Reyes Magos come to visit.

If any of you fancy joining us, just call Germán Bernal, who speaks English ,albeit with an American influence, on 697 141 657 or email

We look forward to having lots of fun this Christmas 2013 in Spain … come and join us 🙂



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