moving to spain videosWe have recently recorded a series of Moving to Spain videos that cover subjects that we are regularly asked about.(As we mentioned in our post: The 12 days of christmas 2013 a confession and #wabas12) Although entitled “Moving to Spain with Children“, the majority of the information discussed will be useful to all ages and for anyone looking for moving to Spain videos with hints and tips.

We cover important issues that you should consider, before, during and after your planned move to Spain.

Once you have watched them, send us any questions you have that we have not already covered and we’ll use them in our next series ..

VIDEO 1: The important facts about applying for an NIE in Spain and Spanish residency. Many people are unsure whether they should apply for an NIE or a residency certificate. We explain the differences and how to easily submit your own applications.

VIDEO 2: Location, location, location : When you are deciding where is the best place to live in Spain, particularly if you have children, it is very important to do your research. To receive my checklist, just email me via the contact form on our website

VIDEO 3: Money Matters: Using currency transfer specialists can help you to save money when moving to Spain. You do not need an NIE to open a Spanish bank account ….

VIDEO 4: Vehicles & EU Driving Licences: Is your UK driving licence valid for driving in Spain?  Is it cheaper to import your UK reg car to Spain or would it be better to purchase a Spanish car? Watch and find out …

VIDEO 5: Understanding Spanish Healthcare: I talk to Maria Cecilia from Compass Healthcare guidance about finding your way around the Spanish healthcare system. What are you entitled to? What to check when taking out health insurance…

VIDEO 6: Education in Spain: Ensure you check out the education options for you children before deciding where to live in Spain. This is only the beginning of a series on Education in Spain… (meet Joshua my son too!)

VIDEO 7: The importance of timing: Timing your move to Spain is fundamental for a successful relocation.

Factors to consider:

1. The time in your life
2. The time in your child’s life
3. The time of year

VIDEO 8: Making friends and meeting people: Too many people worry about not making friends when they move abroad. Social media is a great tool for making new friends. I chat with Ali Meehan, founder of Costa Women about making friends in Spain.

VIDEO 9: Language issues:  Learning Spanish will only enhance your experience of living in Spain. Do your research: not everyone in Spain speaks Spanish (ie castellano), regional languages also exist!

VIDEO 10: Keeping in touch: What are the best methods for keeping in touch with family and friends when you move to Spain? We use telephones, emails, skype, social media and blogs …

So, there you have our first series of Moving to Spain Videos . We hope you found the information useful. Pleae fell free to add your comments and give feedback. We look forward to your requests for subjects to cover in future videos …

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