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We receive numerous emails and requests for information, from people looking for jobs in Spain.

Despite the current economic climate and the horrendous statistics printed on a regular basis, in tabloids and on the television, there are actually still a wide variety of adverts for  jobs in Spain to be found. That is not to say that we encourage you to move to Spain in search of a job (Sorry, we won’t go into that one again here!)

However, if you are living in Spain and are looking for work or you are planning to move and are interested in seeing what jobs may be available in the area you are thinking of moving to, have a look at these sources.

We will add to the list as we learn of other sources of jobs in Spain. Please feel free to add other links to websites as a comment below.


Websites:  (in Spanish) (in Spanish) (in Spanish) (in Spanish) (in Spanish)

Recruitment Agencies:

For English Language Teachers:

Facebook Groups:


LinkedIn Pages and Groups:


Alternatively, CLICK HERE to discover the costs involved in setting up an SL Company in Spain.



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