We are very excited to announce that our book about Moving to Spain with Children is due to be published in November 2014.

As well as being available in kindle format, a print edition of Moving to Spain with Children will be published, thanks to UP Publications Ltd. This means that not only will you be able to buy the book online but also in certain bookshops (little shrieks of joy by mum here).

We will also be planning a promotional campaign to visit book fairs and other exhibitions over the following months. More details soon.

If you search online you will find a multitude of books about Spain; books set in spain; books about: moving to Spain; books about living in Spain and people’s stories about moving to Spain from UK. However, there is very little information available about Spain for children and almost nothing about Moving to Spain with Children.

Until now, that is.

To give you a taste of what to expect, we have included part of out Introductory chapter and also some feedback from individuals who have read the draft copy of Moving to Spain with Children. 

We look forward to your feedback too.

Moving to Spain with Children by Lisa Sadleir

Essential reading for parents

Spain is a wonderful place to live. It is the place I have chosen to bring up my children. Having lived here for over 23 years now, I cannot envisage living anywhere else (although I will never say never!). 

Living in Spain allows us, as a family, to appreciate that: we have more time with our children; we spend more time outdoors in the fresh open air; family comes first; material possessions are not important; people are generally very friendly and open; we are living an invaluable experience.

Every year, many people consider moving to Spain. Every year people make the move and sometimes it doesn’t work out and they return home (you know, the stories often published in the tabloids and UK sensationalist TV programs) . From experience, I am inclined to say that many failed relocations are due to inadequate research and incorrect advice (Health issues aside!).  


So, if you are moving to Spain, without a secure income and looking for work, please rethink. If you are planning to move to Spain in search of a better family life, please read on …

Welcome to Moving to Spain with Children, the aim of the book is to:

  • Give you food for thought
  • Provide factual info & sources of information
  • Share real life experiences

Warning: If you are looking to be sold the dream, put this book down now and buy one of the many other books on the market.

  • This book is not here to sell you a dream.
  • This book will show you the reality.
  • This book will show you what life in Spain is really like.
  • This book will tell you what you need to think about before deciding to make the move.
  • This book will give you a much better start to your life in Spain.
  • This book will become your invaluable source of thinking material and insight, in preparation for your move and during your first months in Spain.

In Summary…

Don’t even think of Moving to Spain with Children without reading this essential self-help manual. Compiled by a successful British working Mum who has experienced the relocation roller-coaster for you – the highs, lows and occasional shrieks of panic  – it could save you months of hassle and heartache. Chapters cover:

Timing your Move; Choosing the Best Location; Schooling; Paperwork; Learning Spanish; Healthcare; Property purchase; Starting a business …

… and other considerations crucial to ensuring a smooth transition to your new lifestyle.

With information that’s bang up-to-date and tells it like it is, spiced with the author’s own heart-warming anecdotes, you’ll arrive at the same place her own family is now – but in half the time: 

Living and loving family life in Spain!

If you’ve ever wished for the gift of hindsight, Moving to Spain with Children is just that: a gift of a book!


Read what people are saying about “Moving to Spain with Children” by Lisa Sadleir:

“The Bible for any parent aiming to live in Spain. Up to date, clear and full of vitally important information, Lisa’s book is a ‘must-have’ for any parent considering moving to Spain or here now with their children”.

Nick Snelling, Gandia  (Author)

“Essential reading for anyone considering moving to Spain with children, and in fact even without children, it is an excellent starting point.  Balanced, factual and practical, the content gives the reader a real idea of where to start and what to expect.  I wish it had been available when I moved here 6 years ago, and will undoubtedly save you time, money and stress.  The personal stories highlight the pitfalls, and are all classic “welcome to Spain” tales, but give a truly balanced view assisting you in making a fully informed decision”.

Kelly Lawlor, Vejer de la Frontera.

“With so many factors to consider when moving to Spain, this book is indispensable reading for every family. From critical factors such as healthcare, tax and gaining an NIE, to personal decisions such as schooling, languages and location, every major issue facing relocating families is well covered. ‘Moving to Spain with Children’ is an easy-to-read guide to make a thrilling challenge smoother and easier for anyone keen to reshape their lives.”

Caroline Angus baker, New Zealand (Author).

“This is the missing manual we could have really done with 7 years ago, when researching our own family’s relocation to Spain. What starts as a simple dream ends up being incredibly complicated, expensive and full of unknowns. Whilst there are many guidebooks available finding information specifically from a family perspective isn’t easy. It remains the best move we ever made, and if you are serious about making the move then you couldn’t have a better guide in your hands than this book right here” 

Maya Middlemiss, Denia, Alicante.  

“Lisa has produced an easy to read, yet invaluable guide for ‘Moving to Spain with Children’.  By asking the all important questions in a reflective way, (with lots of personal examples as well as stories and thoughts from other expats), Lisa has provided a valuable tool which can be read, shared with your children and discussed as a family. The book is full of resources to increase your knowledge about moving to Spain, making the journey easier as you set off, on arrival and as the months in Spain spread into years.  I am sure the book will be well thumbed!”

Ali Meehan, Malaga (Founder of Costa Women – costawomen.com)

“For many years, Lisa Sadleir has been offering credible, independent counsel to families considering relocating to Spain. This book offers a valuable overview, including honest and clear advice on important issues for a successful relocation, including getting to grips with the Spanish language and making steps to integrate into the community beyond the expat bubble.”

Andrew FORBES, Malaga.  (Journalist, Consultant & Editor)

“Excellent common-sense guide to the dos and don’ts of moving to Spain with a family in tow. Everything is covered from education to starting a business. My life would have been much easier if I had found a book like this 12 years ago instead of having to learn it all the hard way.”

Fiona Pitt-Kethley, Cartagena, Murcia.

“It is never easy to move abroad. It is even more difficult when this involves learning a new language and yet more difficult when children are involved. This guide takes you through the challenges one at a time and ensures that you can have a safe, hassle-free start to your new life. “

Steve Hall, www.thisisspain.info

“This book is an honest account of what it’s like to move to Spain with children: the good, the bad and the “mañana”. It’s packed with useful info and is a great tool for families to avoid the multiple pitfalls that can happen when thinking about living to Spain.”

Maxine Raynor, Madrid (Founder of www.moneysaverspain.com )

So there you have a taste of what is to come. To add your name to the waiting list and be advised as soon as Moving to Spain with Children is available, simply click the button here and add your email details.

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We look forward to receiving your questions and hearing your stories about Moving to Spain with Children very soon. (We may include you in our next book!)

The following video is a recent TV interview where we introduce our projects: Our Book about Moving to Spain with Children and also our language learning activity books, Cooking with Languages




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