As you may know, we currently live in the beautiful Andalucian, whitewashed village of Mijas. It is a popular destination for visitors from all over the world. We decided it was about time to share our Top 5 Holiday Activities for Kids in Mijas. Please keep number 5 quiet though, or we will be in trouble with the locals.

So, what are our Top 5 Holiday Activities for Kids in Mijas?

In no particular order ….

1. A visit to the Mayan Monkey Mijas Chocolate Factory

Do you love chocolate? Did you know you can make your own chocolate bar in Spain? Did you know that there is a chocolate factory in Mijas pueblo?

As self-confessed chocoholics, it was obvious that we would be visiting the new chocolate factory in our village, however we had not imagined actually making our own chocolate bars.

The Smallest Chocolate Factory in the World … maybe?

Address: Mayan Monkey Mijas. 524 Plaza de la Constitución. Mijas Pueblo. 29650 Málaga.

Tel: +34 951 052 772

Read more about our visit HERE:  A Visit to the World´s Smallest Chocolate Factory

NOTE: A new and bigger chocolate factory has recently opened. We will visit and report back very soon … eating more chocolate, only if we have to!

Address: Mayan Monkey Mijas. 524 Plaza de la Constitución. Mijas Pueblo. 29650 Málaga.   Tel: +34 951 052 772


2. Mijas Waterpark

Parque Aquatico Mijas is a great day out for children of all ages. Keep your eye out for discount vouchers given out at supermarkets and in hotels in the area. The vouchers can save you around €20 on the entrance fee for a family of four.

The water park offers rides and slides to suit all ages.

The Isla Lagartos (Lizard Island) allows the younger children to swim and play in fountains, slides and water jets.

Holiday Activities for Kids

The Lago Azul (Blue Lake) and Jacuzzi is where you can lie back, relax and let the water refresh you.

Everybody can have fun in the Piscina de Olas (Wave Pool).

For the more adventurous, there is: the 15 metre high Kamikaze; the 300 metre long winding slides of the Laberinto de Toboganes; the 40 metres of water madness of Rio Aventura and the Pistas Blandas where you can set your own challenges as to how to launch yourself in to the water.

Holiday Activities for Kids

Watch out for our next post with lots of crazy photos of water based fun at Parque Aquatico Mijas.

3. The Miniatures Museum: Carromato de Mijas

The Miniature Museum Mijas, Carromato de Mijas, is the first of its kind. It is a must for visitors to Mijas pueblo, no matter what your age.

From the outside, the Miniature Museum Mijas does not look like anything special. It actually looks a bit like a carriage off an old train. However, once you discover its treasures you will be happy you decided to visit.

Holiday Activities for Kids

The collection of miniatures was founded in 1972 by a famous hypnotist Juan Elegido Millán, who went by the stage name of Professor Max. This miniatures museum has pieces from over 50 different countries, many of them utterly remarkable in their attention to detail and microscopic artistry.

Photographs are not normally permitted inside the Miniature Museum Mijas. However, when the local photography competition takes place, all visitors can take pictures. We were in luck when we visited …

Miniatures Museum Mijas

My mum and my children were fascinated.

It is incredible to think that somebody has the patience to paint, using an eyelash, for months, to produce some of these amazing pictures.

There are some other interesting pieces such as: dressed up fleas; the seven wonders of the world painted on a toothpick; a shrunken head from the Jivaros Indians and some stunning Japanese artwork.

Miniatures Museum Mijas

Miniatures Museum Mijas

Dried and dressed fleas.

Miniatures Museum Mijas

Please also be advised that this museum is managed by AFESOL and all monies paid as entrance fees go towards this very needy cause. The Mijas ayuntamiento do not charge any rental fee to AFESOL and contribute to running costs.

AFESOL (Association of Families and Persons with Mental Illness in the Costa del Sol), is a non-profit association formed by families and people with mental illness, together to find solutions to problems that arise with mental illness.

Address: Avenida del Compas, s/n .29650 Mijas Pueblo.

Opening times: every day from 10am.


4. Mijas Donkey-Taxis

Some people may not agree with the use of Donkey Taxis in Mijas Pueblo, however the children tend to love the experience. It is said that in Mijas, in the early 60’s, some workers returning to their homes on their donkeys, were requested, by visitors, to photograph or take a walk.

As with most tourist attractions, the tips paid by the visitors exceeded the worker’s salaries. As a result, the DonkeyTaxis are today an institution in Mijas and one of its main attractions.

Steps have been taken to ensure the well being of the donkeys. To boost the quality of their tourist taxi rides, the famous Mijas donkeys must now be registered with brand new ID plates. This will also aid recognition of individual animals and improve the service. 

Holiday Activities for Kids


Holiday Activities for Kids


Things to Do with Kids in Mijas

5. The Municipal Swimming Pool in Osunillas (summer months only).

This is a beautiful outdoor pool that is free during the week! Shhh … don’t tell too many people though please.

Holiday Activities for Kids

It is located in the area of Osunillas near Mijas Pueblo. It is generally open from the first week in June. For non residents the entry fee is €3 at the weekends. There is plenty of shade beneath the trees if you do not want too much sun and there is a snack bar to purchase drinks and snacks. A plate of paella is only 5 euros!

Location: Carretera de Mijas a Benalmádena, Km 1. 29650 – Mijas.


So, there you have them. Our Top 5 Holiday Activities for Kids in Mijas. What do you think? We’d love to hear your suggestions and to receive your feedback once you’ve done any of these things in Mijas.

NEW IN 2015:  The Tuk Tuks are a new family favourite!!!  Read more about this eco-friendly way to visit out beautiful pueblo:





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