The next Free Online Spanish Tips are for the verb: GUSTAR (TO LIKE)

Gustar is a pronominal verb. It means that this verb is always conjugated with a pronoun in front of the verb.

Let’s have a look at the conjugation of GUSTAR (to like).



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A mí me

A tí te                                + gusta + singular noun / infinitive

A  él/ella le


A nosotros/as nos

A vosotros/as os                +   gustan+ plural noun / infinitive

A ellos/as les

As you can see, the verb GUSTAR has two forms:

                          gusta (singular)                   gustan (plural)


We use the singular form when followed by a singular noun or an infinitive.

ex. Me gusta la flor. (I like the flower) Me gusta cantar. (I like singing)


We use the plural form when it is used with a plural noun. Ex. Me gustan las flores. (I like the flowers).

Other verbs like GUSTAR are:

  • encantar (to love)
  • interesar ( to be interested ) doler (to hurt)
  • preocupar (to worry)


Now it’s time to put this into practice:

CLICK the link to print off and carry out the  Free Online Spanish Exercises: GUSTAR.

Firstly, look up the Spanish vocabulary for each item and then write the correct sentences, depending on whether you like or dislike the items. REMEMBER to pay attention to singular and plural items!


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