Christmas is coming and this year we are having fun making all kinds of homemade gifts and decorations. The children are now at the age that the build up and fun is had actually making the gifts and decorations.

Once again, we are using recipes from the wonderful Spanish Village Cooking Recipe book by Debs Jenkins and the lovely ladies form Murtas.

Last year we made Spanish mince pie empanadas, this year we’ve made our own version of Deb’s Christmas Truffle Recipe (original recipe here)

The recipe is really simple to follow and the children love getting messy and licking the bowls …


christmas truffle recipe

We substituted whisky for rum as it was a bank holiday and this was all we could get.

Following the recipe, we broke the chocolate bar into pieces and melted the chocolate in a glass bowl, in a pan of boiling water.

Once the chocolate had melted completely, we added the large glass of condensed milk (leche condensada), that you can buy in most Spanish supermarkets.

Mix the condensed milk into the melted chocolate and then add your choice of alcoholic tipple.

The mixture is still very runny but it hardens as it cools down. We actually left the mixture overnight. The following day it was easy to roll into balls … without getting too messy 😉

We used a teaspoon to measure the mixture and then rolled it into small balls.

We decided that we should make us some other coverings apart from the chocolate sprinkles mentioned in the recipe.

The children had fun rolling the balls in:

  • chocolate sprinkles & crushed flake
  • hundreds and thousands
  • desiccated coconut
  • strawberry crystals
  • blue “frozen-style” crystals
  • a mixture of all of the above

christmas truffle recipe

This was the result … They look good. They taste great and we all had fun making them.

Thanks for another great recipe Spanish Village Cooking!


For a British and Spanish Mince Pie Recipe CLICK HERE

If you need a really easy Christmas Cake Recipe CLICK HERE

¡Felices Fiestas a todos!




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