This is a bit of an impromptu post. I wasn’t planning on writing today but two things made me change my mind.

30 day blogging challenge

The first thing is actually an event. Or, should I say, a challenge. It’s The 30 Day Blogging Challenge, hosted by the very talented Sarah Arrow (Read more details here:

I have committed to writing a blog post, every day, for 30 days … Aaaargh I hear you scream! We don’t want to be bombarded by Lisa’s ramblings, rants and witterings every day for 30 days. We are used to Lisa writing when she has something important to share with us.

Don’t worry.

I respect your sanity and understand that you enjoy my rants and ramblings on an occasional basis. Certainly not on a daily basis, for 30 days.

30 days. Could you imagine?

So, you may see a few extra posts over the next few weeks but I will be adding the others to my relocation website that I have recently revamped and am very proud of. Pop over and have a look when you get a moment.

I will also be preparing posts for an exciting new venture that I have in the pipeline. It is a venture that will inspire, educate and motivate children to share their travel experiences.

I cannot tell you much more yet, but if you are interested,  pop over to the shiny new Facebook page. Give it a “Like” and then head over to the new website and have a look around

The second thing is actually a bloke. A bloke who is a travel agent. A bloke who has momentarily changed my life and saved me a bucket full of money.

In today’s world, travel agents are a dying breed. A bit like phone boxes and fax machines.

When is the last time you used a travel agent? Maybe some of you reading this, don’t really know what one is …

A Travel Agent is a person or company that arranges tickets, hotel rooms, etc. for people going on holiday or making a journey.


Without rambling on too much. This travel agent is called Phil Burch. He has an online travel agency called He was recommended by our friends Alan and Elle from So I decided to give him a try.

As you know, we have spent our last 3 summer holidays in Cadiz (read more here). What you won’t yet know is that we planned to spend 3 weeks there this summer. But we can’t. Because the house is only available for 2 weeks … boo!

So, we contacted Phil, gave him a few details and asked him to perform his “so called” magic.exclusive city breaks

And, guess what.

He did.

Two emails, one phone call later and we have secured a week of All Inclusive in a 2 bed apartment in a 4 star complex in Sancti Petri in Cadiz (of course 😉 ) for a mere sum of €1250.00. For the 4 of us.

And the best thing about it … I hardly had to lift a finger. Phil did it all for me.

Now, isn’t that what holidays are all about?

And, maybe that is why some travel agents are not part of the dying breed.

PS: Neither Sarah nor Phil asked me to promote them in this post. But if you fancy popping over and having a look at what they both have to offer, you won’t be disappointed.

Phew! Day 1 done. 29 more to go …

¡Hasta pronto!





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