Woo hoo! It’s finally here. The first day of our twelve week long school holidays in Spain. We’ve been waiting for this day for what seems like ages. As crazy as it may seem, we know these holidays are going to be over before we know it. We have so much planned. So much to be enjoyed.

Many people are shocked when we tell them that the children have twelve weeks of school holidays in Spain in the summer.

“What do you do with all that time?” “What about work?” “How do you cope?”

school holidays in spain

The pool is up and the kids are in 🙂

As we said in our post, School Summer Holidays in Spain: To Enjoy Or To Endure?:

  • We make plans in advance (saving money on flights, hotels etc by booking in advance)
  • We throw all routines out of the window
  • We ensure we are ready to head off anywhere at the drop of a hat
  • We prioritise family time, fun and enjoyment

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So, what do we have planned this year, summer 2015?

As I said at the beginning, today is day 1, it’s Tuesday 23rd June 2015. We have 3 months, 12 weeks, 78 days of holidays and family fun ahead of us.

I’m writing this post, sat in our VW Transporter, with hubby at my side at the wheel, the children in the back, Joshua, Francesca and Mika (our football playing, trampoline jumping, German Shepherd). The boot is jam packed with tents, scooters, games, beach gear and far too much camping stuff. It’s amazing how much you pack just because you’ve got the space, isn’t it?

We’re leaving the 30ºC heat of the Costa del Sol and heading towards the stunning scenery of the Sierra Nevada in Granada. We’d originally planned to head back to our favourite campsite in Tarifa, but as we already have a delicious 5 weeks of bohemian beach living already booked in Cadiz this summer, we opted for a change of scenery to start off our 2015 summer holidays.

school holidays in spain

Stunning mountain scenery

We will add links to the details of each trip as we write them. Remember to let us know if you visit the places and what you thought too! (We also share lots of pics on our Facebook Page: CLICK HERE)

As much as this is an exciting time, it is also a slightly sad time in our lives here in Spain.

A time of unexpected change.

Today was the last day that, Mari-Tere, Francesca’s wonderful teacher, the one with the smiling eyes, will be Francesca’s seño 🙁

In the Spanish state colegios, students often have the same seño for 3 consecutive years. However, due to an unusual placement allocation system, it is not unusual for teachers to be moved to different schools at any time.

Mari- Tere is from Alhaurin. She applied for a position in her home town. She got it. She’s going. And that is that.

Gutted does not go anywhere near how we feel right now. But that’s life. We move on. The disturbed nights and unexpected upsets for our daughter have already begun. The nervous, maybe tearful return to school is 3 months, 12 weeks, 78 days away …

school holidays in spain

Fiesta fin de curso 2015

On September 10th, Joshua will enter his final year at our beloved CEIP San Sebastian. Eeeek! We will be making decisions about his future education. Will he continue in the Spanish state system, change to private or manage to secure a place in our first choice which is a colegio concertado?

On September 10th, Francesca will state 3º with a new seño.

On September 10th, I, mum, won’t be in Spain. I’ll be in London, preparing to spend 2 days talking to families considering moving to Spain at The Expat Show – Living & Working Abroad.

The Show is open on the 11th & 12th September 2015 at Olympia in London. Single tickets are £10 with family tickets at £15 however, thanks to OGC there are 2,000 free tickets available for anyone registering before Wednesday 1st July. Registration is quick and easy plus you will receive advanced information the free seminars, interactive features and exhibitor offers to help plan your time at The Show. To claim your free ticket click here. – http://theexpatshow.co.uk/free-tickets/

The trips we have planned so far are:

  • Camping Las Lomas, Güejar Sierra, Granada
  • Camping Torre de la Peña, Tarifa, Cadiz
  • Babysitting 3 guinea pigs in Vejer de la Frontera and a Campus Acuatico
  • 1 week in a 4 star resort in Sancti Petri, Cadiz
  • 2 weeks in our holiday house in Roche Viejo, Cadiz
  • A trip to London in September (theme parks and city sightseeing)

Oh, and work? Did I mention that?

As we are “lucky” and in a fortunate position to work for ourselves, we let all our lovely clients know that we are closed for our 3 months, 12 weeks, 78 days summer holidays. We check in from time to time and meet up with the odd person, but we are basically on skeleton cover until mid September.

Do they complain?


After all, that is one of the many reasons they too want to come and enjoy their own family life in Spain.

Have a fantastic summer! ¡Felíz vacaciones!

moving abroad with children



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