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18 Signs You’ve Been Living in Spain When You Go Out To Eat in the UK and …

  1. You sit down and expect waiter service … wherever you go.
  2. When you do go to the bar to order, you get into trouble for walking away without paying for your order.
  3. You get funny looks for smiling at the strangers on the table next to you.

    Signs You’ve Been Living in Spain

    Paella Valenciana

  4. You find yourselves entering restaurants for your evening meal … as they are closing.
  5. You annoy the staff by re-arranging the tables to accommodate your large group.
  6. You get frowned upon for not saying “please” as often is considered polite.
  7. You upset your friends, not least to say the waiter, when you reply honestly when asked if everything is okay with your meal.

    Signs You’ve Been Living in Spain


  8. You tuck into somebody else’s plate of food, forgetting that everybody orders their own.
  9. You are sent daggers as you shout “Jesus” across the table when somebody sneezes.
  10. You expect all omelettes to contain potatoes
  11. You send back thickly-sliced Parma ham and ask for some real jamón.

    family holidays in cadiz

    Jamon bellota

  12. You order your water, with or without gas.
  13. You cannot help yourself correcting all the incorrect pronunciations of “chorizo”.
  14. You avoid ordering a coffee … anywhere! 
  15. You don’t even look at the kid’s menu when ordering for your children. 

    family holidays in alicante

    Josh was not impressed!

  16. Your jaw hits the floor when the barman produces a double measure that only just covers the bottom of the glass.
  17. You expect the waiter to ask you to remind him what you’ve eaten and drank, when you ask for the bill.

    Signs You’ve Been Living in Spain

    The wonderful invention of “sobremesa”

  18. You are totally oblivious to the desperation of the staff as you spend hours after the meal, simply chatting and enjoying yourself with your companions. You are in no hurry to vacate your table … (sobremesa 😉 )

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