Secondary Education in Spain

“We absolutely loved the school, their ideas and philosophy but we really don’t think that “Jimmy” could deal with the fact that the secondary education totally bilingual. We feel that, it’s too much pressure to put him under. He isn’t good under pressure.”

Right then. Right there.

That was the very moment the penny dropped. The tables turned.

I knew what had to be done. And I was certain it was the right decision. The right decision about our son’s secondary education in Spain. It was time for change.


The Moment I Knew Which Option To Take Regarding Secondary Education In Spain.

I was sat having a coffee in Mijas Pueblo, with a couple of lovely families. We were discussing their plans for moving to Spain. We were talking about the best education options for their children. We were discussing the various options for secondary education options in Spain, in the Malaga region. It is a conversation I have several times a month. But this time, by discussing what was best for their son, I suddenly realised what was best for my own.

Secondary Education in Spain

Joshua has made so many friends in the pueblo … Now it’s time for a change!

My Thoughts:

Making informed decisions about education is at the forefront of our minds when moving to Spain with children, and regularly, throughout phases whilst living here too.

As in life, there are many paths our children’s education can follow. As parents, it is our role to discover and research these paths before sending our children along them.

As parents, it is our role to discover and research paths before sending our children along them. #parenting Share on X

If you have read my book  and previous posts on education in Spain you will know that I believe deciding which path is best for your own child is a very personal decision. A decision only you can make. You can research and listen to advice and opinions but only you can make the final decision.

I also recommend researching education options, both primary and secondary education in Spain, before deciding where to live, when planning your move to Spain, or any other country.

When we moved back to the Malaga region, this time with children, I did my research on schools. I spoke to as many people as I could and I researched on the internet. I decided we should live in the catchment area of CEIP San Sebastian in Mijas Pueblo. 

Secondary Education in Spain

Our little “estrella” stealing the show 🙂

On June 17th 2016, as we proudly watched our son co-compare the “baile fin de curso”, in faultless Spanish and clear English, to a crowd of two to three hundred, I knew we had made and were about to make the correct decision.

Or son, a well grounded, confident, friendly, thoughtful and fully integrated 11-year-old regularly makes me pull those proud “Mumbeam” faces.

What’s A Proud “Mumbeam” face?


You know that expression you pull when a beautiful thought enters your head. You try to suppress your smile  but as you purse your lips, in an attempt not to grin like a Cheshire cat, the thought causes your smile to stretch across from one ear, across to the other. And, even if you manage to keep your lips tightly pressed together, the proud “mumbeams” shine out of your eyes. Your smiling eyes. Yep. That’s what I call a proud “Mumbeam” face 🙂

I hope you enjoy proud Mumbeam faces too. Do share them with us.


Oh, and what was the big decision?

All will be revealed very soon … the countdown has begun 😉



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