This New EBook Shows You How To Make Eggplant Chips With Honey and many More Classic Spanish Dishes

If you follow our blog, you will know we are lovers of Spanish food. Even our children are known to indulge in “not-so-typical” dishes for children.

We are always looking for ways to encourage friends and family to try new foods, to be more adventurous. Honestly, pickled raw anchovies are actually very very nice!

spanish food for children

One day I met up with our friends, Elle and Alan, from We spent some time together in Málaga city, exploring the sights and grabbing a bite to eat.

I can proudly claim that I was able to persuade Elle to eat aubergine (that’s “eggplant” for our American readers) and actually enjoy it! Previously she wouldn’t touch it, but I was able to introduce her to “berenjena con miel de caña” – deep fried aubergine with cane honey. This dish rapidly became one of her favourites and she now eats it at least once per week – whipping it up in just a few minutes at home.

Elle has recently released a new cookbook in digital format – 125 recipes with full-colour photographs.

The cost is just €4.99 and you can BUY IT HERE!  

The recipes are extremely easy to follow and to show you just how easy they are – here is a sample for you. This is Elle’s version of berenjena con miel de caña – enjoy!

Note: Miel de caña is cane syrup or molasses and can be found in most supermarkets. However, you can swap this for honey, golden syrup or runny jam if you prefer.

Berenjena con miel de caña (Aubergine with cane honey)


  • One eggplant… or aubergine… or whatever you want to call it
  • Couple of tablespoons of miel de caña for drizzling
  • Couple of spoonfuls of flour (any type of white flour will do)
  • Plenty of olive oil for frying


  • Cut your aubergine into really thin slices – a couple of millimetres is perfect
  • Pop the slices into a bowl of water and leave it for half an hour. Soaking before use takes some of the bitterness out (actually I never bother these days although I do give them a quick rinse so the flour adheres to them)
  • Drain well and toss in the flour
  • Deep fry in batches in very hot olive oil, flipping halfway through.
  • When they are golden brown and floating, they are done. You can keep them warm in a low oven while you fry the rest
  • Drain on paper towels and then arrange on a plate or in a bowl
  • Drizzle the miel de caña on top.
  • Serve immediately

eggplant chips drizzled with honey


Elle and Alan have lived in Spain since 2006, although only on the mainland since 2012. Together they run which is a general website about Spain.



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