dog beaches spain 2019

Bookmark this page to keep up to date with the latest Dog Beaches Spain 2019. The Google map below is automatically updated. Every year, the website publishes an updated map of dog-friendly beaches around Spain.

Last year was a great year for dog lovers since there were more than 10 dog beaches that were enabled in the Spanish territory. The Valencian Community and Andalusia were the communities that allowed more beaches for dogs. Municipalities such as Torrevieja, Alboraya and Torrox, already have pet friendly beaches for this summer 2019. Whether you are planning to enjoy a beach holiday for this summer, or if you want to escape a weekend with your pet to enjoy the beach, here I leave the updated list of beaches to go with dog this year 2019.

A few years ago, the Coastal Law was amended to include the prohibition of dogs on beaches in the summer season. Since then, many  municipalities have been encouraged to enable beaches for the enjoyment of bathers and their dogs (some better than others, everything must be said …)

For more information about beaches for dogs in Spain this summer 2019 (photos, schedules, how to get there, services etc), click on the icons in each location:

Our dogs love the beach and we are always looking for places we can enjoy with them. Here’s to a great summer and lots of beach time (within moderation of course 😉 ) with our furry friends!

Where is your favourite beach to enjoy with your dogs?



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