There are many advantages to moving abroad, and being able to enjoy plenty of sunshine year-round is one of them. Once you’re settled in your new home and have your house sorted, you can turn your attention to your outdoor living area and creating a simple garden.


Make the most of the Spanish sunshine with these tips for creating a simple garden… 


simple garden



1. Make it easy to maintain

Taking pride in your garden is a wonderful thing, but it can soon turn into a lot of work. Who wants to spend more time maintaining it than enjoying it? Keep things simple with some evergreen plants and consider installing a decking area to give you a seating area which is easy to look after.

Of course, there’s always the option of bringing in landscapers to help you maintain your garden, particularly if you have a lawn that needs regular cutting. This can also give you some peace of mind if you plan on travelling often.

2. Make it a place to relax

The Spanish lifestyle can be very chilled and laid-back, and your garden area can be the perfect place for you to embrace that. Having some comfy sun loungers and a seating area can help you enjoy your space day and night as you enjoy the Mediterranean atmosphere. Don’t forget to take a look at different lighting options too so that you can enjoy your garden at night and make the most of those balmy evenings.

Why not check out some outdoor living trends to help you find some inspiration for decorating your space?

swimming pool mijas

3. Invest in a pool

There aren’t many places in the UK that you’ll get much use out of an outdoor pool, but you’ll have plenty of opportunity in Spain. An outdoor pool is something you could get a lot of use out of, and is perfect for families – the kids will never be bored with their own pool! If your Spanish home doesn’t have one already, you should look at some quotations to help you start planning. You could always invest in a hot tub instead if space doesn’t allow for a pool.

4. Embrace Spanish living

When you move to Spain, you’re not just moving for the weather, you’re moving for the culture and lifestyle. The Spanish really know how to love and with a strong emphasis on family and socialising, you should make sure you make plenty of time to get together in your new home. Make friends with your neighbours, learn how to cook Spanish cuisine and bring elements of traditional Spanish living to your life.

Moving to Spain brings many benefits, and getting to enjoy the sunshine with your family is one of them. With a beautiful garden space, you’ll be able to embrace the incredible Spanish culture and make it feel like home. Think you’re ready to move overseas? Check out the A to Z of what you need to know about Spain and start making your living abroad dream come true.



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