Any type of relocation can be exciting, but moving abroad is a particularly exhilarating prospect. It’s natural to approach a move with a mixture of trepidation and enthusiasm, especially when you think about the stresses of packing and organising logistics, but there are steps you can take to make life easier. Here is a handy guide to help you oversee a seamless move. 

Relocating To Spain

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Finding somewhere to live

The first task to tick off your list when moving to Spain is to find somewhere to live. You may want to rent a house or an apartment while you find a permanent home, or you may prefer to buy a home to move straight into when you relocate. Explore both options and figure out where you want to put down roots. Consider locations based on where you plan to work or what kind of job you have, your lifestyle preferences and your budget. Spain is a country that caters to everyone and you can choose to enjoy city life, escape to the peace and tranquillity of the countryside or embrace outdoor living by the coast. Start narrowing down your options and use filters to find properties that match your wish list criteria. It’s wise to use virtual tours and to browse listings online before you arrange viewings. If you’re hoping to get over to Spain before you move to see properties, you’ll have a shortlist ready and you can visit agents to add any other properties that fit the bill. 


Learning the language

It’s not possible to learn a language in a matter of days or weeks, but if you’re counting down the days until you move to Spain, it’s a great idea to try to learn some simple phrases and common vocabulary. There are various options to explore, including taking beginner classes at home, learning Spanish online through sites like Memrise and hiring a tutor. If you have friends or family members who speak Spanish, you could also ask them to help you learn some words and phrases before you relocate. You can also watch TV programmes in Spanish with English subtitles and use activities and exercises to hone your speaking and reading and writing skills. Once you get to Spain, and you’re immersed in the culture and people around you are talking Spanish, you’ll find it easier to pick up common phrases, improve your accent and expand your vocabulary. 


Building friendships

It can be daunting to leave family and friends behind and embark upon a new adventure, but technology has made it possible to make friends and build relationships without actually meeting people in person. When you know where you are moving, look for community groups and social media accounts you can join or follow to meet families living in the area and get to know people before you move. Being sociable online can also help you access practical information and useful tips to make your move simpler. You might want to ask about schools or colleges, local amenities or how to set up a bank account, for example. People who know the ropes and have experience of relocating can help you. 

Relocating To Spain

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Relocating to Spain is an incredibly exciting prospect, but it’s natural to be stressed or a little anxious before a big move. If you’re preparing for a new adventure, take these tips on board!

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