Best Family App: 5 of The Most Useful and Fun-Filled Options

best family app


There are so many apps available today that it can be difficult to know which is the best family app for your own family. With such a wide variety of choices, how can you be sure that you’re picking the right app for your needs? Fear not – we’ve got you covered! In this blog post, we will discuss five of the best family app and outline why each one is so useful. So whether you’re looking for an educational app, a game to keep the kids entertained, or a tool to help with organization and productivity, we’ve got you covered.



This app is a must-have for any family with young children. It allows you to block apps and internet access on your child’s devices, set screen time limits, and even track their location. OurPact is the perfect tool for parents who want to make sure their kids are staying safe online and limiting their screen time. With this app, you can easily monitor your child’s activity and ensure that they’re not spending too much time on their devices. Plus, OurPact also offers a premium subscription that gives you even more features, such as the ability to schedule device usage and set bedtime limits.


Cozi is a great app for families who want to be more organized and productive. It helps you manage your family’s schedule, create shopping lists, and even set reminders. Cozi is perfect for busy families who need help staying organized. With this app, you can easily keep track of everyone’s schedule in one place and make sure that no important tasks are forgotten. You can also use Cozi to plan meals, share grocery lists, and set reminders for important events. In addition, Cozi offers a premium subscription that gives you additional features, such as the ability to sync your calendar with Google Calendar or Outlook.


ChoreMonster is a fun and rewarding app that motivates kids to do their chores. With this app, you can assign chores to your children and give them rewards for completing them. ChoreMonster is a great way to get your kids excited about doing their chores. With this app, they can earn points and redeem them for prizes, such as video games or gift cards. Plus, you can use ChoreMonster to track your child’s progress and ensure that they’re actually doing their chores. There is also a premium subscription available that gives you additional features, such as the ability to create custom chore charts and set up weekly allowances.

Toca Hair Salon

Toca Hair Salon is a fun and interactive app that allows kids to experiment with different hairstyles. With this app, they can cut, color, and style hair in any way they want. Toca Hair Salon is an excellent way for kids to express their creativity. With this app, they can try out different hairstyles and colors without having to make any permanent changes. Plus, it’s an excellent way for them to learn about different hairstyles and how to take care of them. There is also a Toca Hair Salon: Styling Kit available that includes real scissors, combs, and other styling tools.

Device Cleaner Apps

There are many different device cleaner apps available, but our favorite is CCleaner. This app helps you clean up your device’s storage and clear out junk files. CCleaner is a great way to free up space on your device and improve its performance. With this app, you can delete unwanted files, clear your cache, and even uninstall unnecessary apps. Plus, CCleaner can help you improve your battery life by stopping background processes that use up a lot of power. However, if you are a Mac user, many cool apps are available such as DaisyDisk, CleanMyMac X, or MacPilot.


There are many different apps available that can be useful for families. Whether you’re looking for an app to help with organization, productivity, or entertainment, there’s sure to be an app that meets your needs. What do you think is the best family app? Share your ideas with us …

Stay Motivated to Exercise And Keeping Cool In The Spanish Heat

Methods for Staying Motivated to Exercise And Keeping Cool In The Spanish Heat


As summer approaches, many individuals set goals to exercise more and get fit and healthy in order to look nice during the warmer months. Typically, these ambitions are abandoned, and individuals return to their daily routines. The only way to make exercise a part of your daily routine is to disprove yourself and make it a habit. We are made up of our habits, and if we have excellent habits in our routines, we don’t need to continually push ourselves to exercise all the time. Here are a few ideas to keep you inspired to exercise in the Summer and beyond. It is important to think about exercise as something to incorporate into your life as a permanent healthy habit, you can take it seriously by getting all the gear from places like EcoGearFX and exploring to find the right exercise for you. That could be anything from Yoga to hiking or even kayaking.


Joining a sports team is an excellent approach to keeping oneself motivated and devoted to exercising. Joining sports teams is not only good for your health, but it also gives you a feeling of community and is a fantastic way to keep in shape. There are sports teams for almost anything, so there will be something you love nearby. 


If you wish to exercise on a regular basis, treat it like a doctor’s visit or a meeting. Put it in your calendar and always keep the appointments to go to the gym and workout, to that class, or even if you’re doing one at home. By committing to it, I’m not cancelling it, you will gradually get more attracted to exercise, love it more, and stick to it without being able to easily talk yourself out of it. 


When the temperature rises, be cautious whether you’re sprinting, playing pickup basketball, or taking a power stroll. Use these simple precautions to avoid heat-related diseases if you exercise outside in hot weather. Exercising in hot conditions throws your body under additional strain. You risk serious illness if you don’t take precautions when exercising in the heat. Your core body temperature can be raised by both the exercise and the atmospheric temperature and humidity. 


Your body sends extra blood to circulate through your skin to assist cool itself. This means your muscles get less blood, which raises your heart rate. Because sweat does not readily drain from your skin when the humidity is high, your body is put under additional stress. As a result, your body temperature rises even more.

You might also consider hiring a personal trainer. They will be able to teach you the benefits of being healthy and coach you through the proper kind of exercise to ensure that you are not injuring yourself in any way and are staying cool in the heat, and they are all about keeping you motivated and devoted to your goal. They are specialists in their business, so they know what they’re talking about and how to get you where you want to go.

If you are looking for a new sport in Spain … why not try padel 😉


Celebrating a Birthday in Spain? Here Are Some Ideas to Make it a Memorable one ….

birthday in Spain


The best birthdays in Spain as in any country are the ones that are memorable. You want to make sure that your loved one has a birthday they will never forget. There are many ways to do this in Spain, and we will focus on a few aspects you will have to consider to make it memorable for your loved one.


Try To Identify Their Favourite Spanish Activity Or Interest

If your loved one enjoys a certain activity, try to make their birthday revolve around that. For example, if they love Spanish food, then take them out for an authentic Spanish meal. Or if they love going to the beach, spend the day at one of Spain’s beautiful beaches. This will make the day more special for them if it is something they enjoy doing.

You could find some help by asking other people they’re close to for ideas.

You’ll have to actively listen to your loved ones throughout the year to understand what they like. That is why planning ahead is essential to make sure their birthday is extra special.

Do Multiple Things To Make Their Day Memorable

Doing one thing for their birthday is great, but if you want to make it even more special, try doing multiple things. This could include getting them a cake and presents, taking them out for lunch or dinner, and maybe even going out for drinks afterwards.

You could also get creative and do something unique that they will remember forever. For example, you could organise a treasure hunt around the city or write them a heartfelt letter expressing your love for them.

The sky is the limit when it comes to making someone’s birthday memorable. It just takes a little bit of creativity and planning on your part.

Relocating To Spain

Getting Them The Ideal Present

A lot of the time, people think that the most important part of a birthday is getting the perfect present. While presents are great, they are not always necessary. What is more important is that you put thought into what you get them.

It doesn’t have to be an expensive gift, but it should be something that they will appreciate and remember. For example, if they love reading, get them a book by their favourite author or if they love art, get them a painting from their favourite artist or of their favourite Spanish landscape.

The key is to get them something that shows you know them and care about them. This will make the day even more special for them.

If you’re out of ideas, doing research online can be a great help for some inspiration. For example, you can read blog posts like “The 33 Best Gifts For New Parents In 2022” or “How To Make A Birthday In Spain Extra Special”.

Don’t Forget The Cake

A birthday cake is a must when it comes to birthdays. It is a tradition that has been around for centuries and is still going strong today. There are many different cake recipes out there, so you can find one that your loved one will enjoy.

You could also get creative with the design of the cake. For example, you could make a Spanish flag cake or a castle cake if they love history. The possibilities are endless when it comes to making a birthday cake. You could find some inspiration by researching which cakes are popular in Spain.

The most important thing is that you enjoy making it and that your loved one enjoys eating it! Remember to sing them a happy birthday song. If you’re up for it, consider learning the happy birthday song in Spanish too!

Make A Birthday Video

One of the best ways to make a birthday special is to create a birthday video. This can be a montage of pictures and videos from throughout their life set to music, or it could be a funny video you made yourself.

Videos are a great way to capture memories, and they will be able to look back on them for years to come. If you’re not sure how to make one, there are plenty of tutorials online that can help you out.

Making a birthday video is a great way to show your loved ones how much you care about them, and it will make their day even more special.

Secondary Education in Spain

Remember To Take Photos On The Day

Another way to make a birthday special is to take lots of photos on the day. This way, they will have memories to look back on for years to come. Make sure to get photos of every activity and location you visit on the day.

If you’re not sure how to take good photos, there are plenty of resources online that can help you out. You could even hire a professional photographer if you want to make sure the photos are perfect.

Taking photos is a great way to capture memories, and it will help your loved ones remember their birthday for years to come.

There are many ways to make a birthday special for your loved one. It just takes a little bit of creativity and planning on your part. The most important thing is that you enjoy making it and that your loved one enjoys their day.

What’s The Best Barcelona Neighbourhood For Your Personality?

Best Barcelona Neighbourhood



When it comes to making any move to Spain, it’s natural to consider traditionally popular inner-city areas including locations like Barcelona. After all, as if its stunning architecture wasn’t enough to tempt any potential resident, Spain’s second-largest city is something of a dream location for many, providing the best that Spain has to offer for anyone looking to feel more cultured in the wake of their move here. 


Barcelona’s thriving art scene and generally stunning views have certainly made it a popular option for anyone looking to lay down Spanish roots. However, as with any location, ensuring that you’re making the most of what the city has to offer means considering the neighbourhoods which best suit your unique requirements and personality. Of course, taking a quick exploratory trip here yourself and dropping your bags in luggage storage Barcelona while you look at what the city has to offer is your best option for settling. To get started, however, it’s first worth considering whether the following personality types and their neighbourhood pairings ring true to you. 


# 1 – Lusting after landmarks


Barcelona’s iconic landmarks are its main selling point, and they pose a pretty tempting argument as to why a move here could be worthwhile. Once a craftsman’s district, El Born is one of Barcelona’s oldest neighbourhoods and is therefore tempting for anyone looking to enjoy the most iconic areas of the city. As well as century-old shops that make it feel like you’re stepping right back to the heart of Spain’s charm, El Born is an especially tempting option for your move considering that it’s home to the gothic church Basílica de Santa Maria del Mar, and is within walking distance of the city’s other landmarks. 


# 2 – Looking for atmosphere


Often, people moving to Spain are looking for a generally calmer way of life. In Barcelona, this atmosphere can be best achieved in areas like Gracia. Once an independent municipality, Gracia certainly isn’t afraid to stand apart and ensures a great atmosphere for locals thanks to a range of trendy stores, local folklore, and popular events. Gracia’s famed squares are, however, its best selling point, and are typically filled with residents young and old from around 7 pm.

living in Barcelona

# 3 – In love with the beach


If you love the idea of living in Barcelona but are attached to sea views and salty air, then Barceloneta may be the best option for you. Originally a traditional fishing neighbourhood, city harbour expansions have since seen this tourist-favourite becoming a great place to settle down and still enjoy the sea, complete with an iconic promenade and walks around the old harbour, Port Vell. Barceloneta beach itself is also famed as one of the city’s best despite being the most tourist-heavy, with entertainment always on-hand. 

Other best places to live in Barcelona include El Raval and Sants, and each of them offers something different depending on what you’re after. Simply consider what that is, and which locations stand to tick the most boxes on your list of requirements.

The Benefits Of Getting Pregnant In Spain

pregnant in Spain


Spain can be an excellent place to raise children and live with them for a variety of reasons. However, what you do with the kids when they arrive isn’t the only question that might be on your mind. How you welcome those children into the world matters as well. Whether you’re expecting or planning to be expecting, it’s always a good idea to understand what it’s like to get pregnant and give birth in the country that you’re in. Here, we’re looking at some of the benefits, as well as the caveats, of doing it in Spain.


The quality of care that you should expectBook about Moving to Spain with Children

Of course, one of the most important factors throughout your journey towards having your little one is being able to expect a decent quality of care. Spain ranks as one of the best-developed countries in terms of contact between expecting mothers and the medical professionals that they are relying on. You’re going to get all of the tests and scans that you should do to ensure that you’re able to rest easy and see exactly how your baby is growing inside of you. What’s more, Spain benefits from public health care coverage for maternity services, though you can opt to go private for some extras.


Celebrating and welcoming your baby

Although they may not have always been a part of the tradition of welcoming a new member of the family, baby showers have now started to become a much more common sight in Spain. Sometime before the birth, such as a month before the due date, you can expect to have friends and any family members nearby attending to celebrate the birth, as well as bringing gifts to help take care of the new member of the family. Other modern traditions like planning a memorable gender reveal party is starting to become a lot more common, as well. Essentially, you can plan to have the same kind of fuss made over you as you would in most other western countries.


How much can you expect to pay to give birth?

No matter where you are, there’s always some cost to giving birth and that’s no different for Spain, of course. Even if you don’t have insurance, the costs of giving birth in Spain can be fairly low. In 2018, those costs came in at around $1,950 even for those who aren’t on the public insurance that’s available to many. Additional complications tend not to add too much to that bill. As such, Spain is at least one of the countries where you don’t have to worry about the costs of giving birth, which can be pretty exorbitant in other parts of the world. All the while, you’re getting that high standard of care mentioned above.

The big day itself

It’s always a good idea to have some idea ahead of time as to how the actual birth itself is going to go. When you do go to the hospital, it’s important to bring with you your passport, your NIE identification card, and any other necessary paperwork, such as insurance paperwork to get the care that you need. It can be vital to have someone who speaks Spanish with you if you cannot do it yourself, as English is not spoken universally, and you want to be able to ask nurses what is happening and to understand the process as it’s going. Spanish hospitals do not provide gas or air during childbirth, so if you want to manage pain, then you have to plan for epidurals or pethidine and ask for them. Similarly, alternative birthing methods that are becoming more common around the world, like water births, are not quite as widespread in Spain.


After the birth

Just as a lot of care goes into antenatal care in Spain, the same goes for postnatal care. Your child’s health will be monitored and the doctor or midwife will be there to check on them and to address anything that might cause any concern. It should be noted that midwives in Spain don’t give as much aftercare to the mother themselves, but that family and friends are expected to give them that care as well. Usually, you can leave with your child after 5 days, after which you should register your baby’s birth, within 8 days. Statutory maternity leave does exist, but it’s a little less than in some other countries, with 16 weeks of statutory leave available to all mothers.


No matter where you do it, every pregnancy and birth is going to have its ups and downs, its pros, and its bumps along the way (pun intended.) Knowing what to expect can be a major help in acclimating, so hopefully, the info above helps.

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