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Introducing our Free Online Spanish Hints and Tips, with thanks to CGV Speaking Spanish.


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NO more excuses for not learning Spanish!

I have said it before and will say again:

In my opinion, too many people move to Spain without speaking Spanish or even starting to learn Spanish. I’m not saying you need to be fluent but I am suggesting that it should be a personal goal to at least make a really big effort. Being able to at least start a conversation with a Spaniard, in their own language, will truly enhance your chances of integration and open so many more exciting doors for you.

I honestly believe that being able to speak at least a small amount of Spanish really contributes to your enjoyment of Spanish life.

Here at Family in Spain, we understand that it is often difficult to find time, or create time to dedicate to learning a language. Making lessons clear, simple, accessible and fun increases our chances of success in language-learning. For this reason we contacted Clara from CVG Speaking Spanish. She has kindly agreed to provide us with Free Online Spanish Hints and Tips each month.

Look at the skype Spanish lessons with CVG Speaking Spanish and start today!

CGV Speaking Spanish offers interesting online courses that adapt to your needs.

  • Courses are flexible. It means that you can study from anywhere. You only need a computer, a microphone, a web camera and broad band internet service.
  • You will learn Spanish with a personal teacher who will guide and motivate you. Communication between the teacher and the student will be through different tools: videoconference, chat, mail, etc.
  • You will have interesting material and tools that will enhance your learning. Get the best results.
  • You will benefit from your teacher’s explanations by videoconference.

Learn Spanish online with us and you will speak Spanish from the first day.

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If you’d like to test the level of your Spanish, use THIS LINK.

Free Spanish Online

For details of online courses, contact CVG Speaking Spanish here:

Spain: (+34) 956 856 493
Skype: speakupspanish1



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